T-Slot Fixing Attachment Set

Pneumatic fixing set
A housing is fixed with two pneumatic clamping devices SP 2 in the front clamping range.

For fixing the workpieces directly over the T-slots of the milling machine’s working table, there are different sets which contain manual and pneumatic fixing devices. The sets are assembled of the following components:

The clamps press the workpieces with high force on the working table. The clamping height can be adapted to the height of the workpiece by an adjusting screw.

Hand-lever clamping devices
The hand-lever clamping devices achieve with a hand force of 100 N a clamping force of up to 2,000 N. By exerting the hand-lever, the clamping jaw will be extended and presses the workpieces horizontally against the fixation bars.

Fixation bars
The fixation bars in three different lengths can be arranged freely on the working table. They help you to fix your workpieces equally and quickly.

Pneumatic clamping devices
The pneumatic clamping devices are available in two variants which distinguish themselves by their size and clamping force. They are especially suitable for a serial production of the same workpiece type.

Scope of delivery

  • manual T-slot fixing set
    4 clamps, 2 hand-lever clamping devices, 6 fixation bars (length: 125, 175 and 225 mm)
  • pneumatic T-slot fixing set
    2 pneumatic clamping devices SP 1, 2 pneumatic clamping devices SP 2, pneumatic accessories for connection to the compressed air supply
  • stop rails for front clamping range
    set of lower and front stop rail