Rotary Axis for Profiles

Rotary Axis for Profiles Type XL
Detail view of a rotary axis for profiles, based on type XL, with T-slot fixing area on a Premium system.

Profile bars of different shapes made of metal, plastics or wood often have to be processed from more than just one side. Using this special rotary axis, you can machine your profiles from three sides without having to re-chuck them – even next to your regular machining area (vacuum or T-slot table).

Your material will be supported by a stable main beam. The axis itself can be steplessly rotated. However, typically it will be rotated – depending of the type of the profile material – in fixed angles of 45 or 90 degrees.

So diversified as your profile material may look, so universally we may design your rotary axis: the cuboidal main beam which is available with a length of up to six metres already in the standard program has T-slots on all sides. So you can fix or move all necessary clamping devices for your profiles without much effort.

In addition to this you can also mount pneumatic fixing devices and hand-lever fixing devices. Whether you can drill, mill, engrave, chamfer or cut threads into your material depends only on the other equipment of your milling machine.

Technical data

  • rotary axis steplessly rotatable by motor drive
  • stable construction with rigid main beam; for heavy workpieces and very long workpieces which would possibly bend in a tailstock unit
  • T-slot fixing area on the main beam for fixing clamping devices
  • length of T-slot fixing area up to 6,000 mm, as a special design even greater lengths possible
  • usage of clamping devices, pneumatic fixing devices and hand-lever fixing devices