Polystyrene Surfaces

Polystyrene surface
Trimmed polystyrene surface on the working table, the T-slots remain accessible here.

The workpieces will be usually fixed with a special adhesive film on the polystyrene surface. However, an advantage of the polystyrene surface is that the T-slots of the working table remain accessible, so that you can also use the T-slot fixing attachment set or a vise within the area of this surface.

We recommend to use the polystyrene surface as standard for machines without a vacuum table.

The polystyrene surface will be trimmed directly on the machine by surface milling so that an optimum planar-parallelism is being ensured. It can be trimmed for several times, thus you have to replace it only rarely. The single stripes have a width of 35 millimetres.

Scope of delivery

  • polystyrene stripes, 6 mm thickness, trimmed by surface milling in size of the positioning ran
  • 1 roll of special adhesive film DK 2

Suitable machine lines