Pneumatic Stopper System

Pneumatic stopper system
Pneumatic stopper system: here the two lifted pneumatic cylinders at the corner position.

With the pneumatic stopper system for the Active Pro line, it becomes easier to align the workpieces on the milling machine. Especially for large workpieces, this will be a great help.

After laying the workpiece on the machine table, three pneumatic cylinders will be lifted at the touch of a button so that the workpiece can be comfortably aligned. Then the cylinders will be lowered again and do not block the way for the machining unit. This is especially advantageous for precisely re-working pre-machined workpieces where for instance still contours or pockets have to be milled or holes have to be drilled. Another advantage is that the workpieces can be utilized to their full size due to an exact rectangular alignment.

Technical data

  • 3 pneumatically extendable cylinders with a lift range of 20 mm: 2 are located at the corner position and 1 at the front side of the machine
  • requirements: compressed air supply at the machine

Scope of delivery

  • 3 pneumatic cylinders
  • illuminated button switch – either at the system rack (if available) or directly at the machine