Line Laser Unit

Line laser
The line laser unit (top left) projects lines onto the machine table – using them, you can align your workpieces easily.

A precise alignment of your workpieces becomes easy when you use the line laser unit which projects two thin red lines in a right angle onto the machine table. So a mechanical stopper won’t be necessary any longer which could possibly interfere with the machining process, more­over.

And you can place your workpieces at any position of the machine table because the two line lasers are mounted in an angle of 90 degrees at the bridge of the machine.

Thanks to a defined x/y offset to the spindle, each requested workpiece origin can be marked precisely. As soon as you have aligned your workpiece, you move back with the spindle to your starting position and begin the machining process.

Technical data

  • ideal for a precise alignment of workpieces when no sidewise stoppers can be used (zero point setting)
  • defined x/y offset to the spindle
  • line width approx. 1 mm in a distance of 1 m
  • class 2 laser (the eye is protected here by the eyelid closure reflex, even when using optical instruments); wave-length 635 nm; power max. 1 mW (measured at the module)

Scope of delivery

  • 2 line lasers for x and y alignment
  • fixture attachment for z axis
  • controlled by CNC 680+/980+

Suitable machine lines