Fixing Devices

Your workpieces can be fixed on the machine by vacuum table, via mechanical or pneumatic clamping devices as well as adhesive films. No matter whether you choose a full surface vacuum table or a partitioned clamping range – our solutions minimize your setup effort.

Special vacuum table

A key feature of the special vacuum table is that it can also be used for milling fretworks and outline contours.

Grid vacuum table

The grid vacuum table offers most advantages when you want to engrave or mill pockets predominantly.

T-slot fixing attachment set

You can choose between mechanic and pneumatic sets with which you can fix the workpieces directly over the T-slots of the working table.

Polystyrene surfaces

Your workpieces are usually fixed onto the polystyrene surface with either T-slot fixing elements or via special adhesive film.

Line laser unit

The exact alignment of your workpiece becomes easier due to two laser lines which are projected in a right angle onto the machine table.

Pneumatic stopper system

With the pneumatic stopper system for the Active Pro line, it becomes easier to align the workpieces on the milling machine.

Rotary axes

Using one of our various rotary axes you can process your workpieces from all sides.