Application Video

See vhf milling machines in practical use. These videos are organized according to applications and show typical tasks of vhf machines. Choose an explicit topic that interests you or inform yourself over all subject areas which give you an insight into the variety of possibilities offered by our CNC milling machines.

Here are our first application videos. Stay tuned - more will follow soon!

  • Bending of composite panels


    This video shows you the v-slot milling of composite materials with the box graver or the v-slot milling cutter for aluminium composites.

  • Manufacturing threads and countersinks


    This video shows the production of various thread sizes and countersinks in different materials such as aluminum, plastic, steel and wood.

  • Workpiece fixing – vacuum technology


    Let us convince you of the functionality and strength of our vacuum technology. Additional fixation possibilities are also shown in this video – providing you maximum flexibility.

  • Working with conic tools


    This video shows applications with conic, i.e. V-shaped, tools – chamfering, engraving and thinning.

  • Optimization of acrylic glass edges


    This video shows how to optimize your edges in acrylic glass.

  • Register mark recognition


    Would you like to mill or cut printed panels with precise contours? No problem – thanks to register mark recognition, the optical recognition system.