Wood Processing

Some examples which demonstrate the usage of vhf CNC milling machines for wood processing are shown.

Milling contours, breakouts, chamfers or pockets in solid wood, multilayer plates, MDF/HDF etc.

Woodworking – Multiplex®
3D form – solid wood
Milling contours – coated Multiplex®
Milling and chamfering pieces of wood
Woodworking – coated Multiplex®
Contour, breakouts and chamfers
Engraving and contour
Woodworking – Multiplex®
Contour, pockets, breakouts and chamfers
Breakouts and slot – solid wood
Woodworking – Multiplex®
Breakouts and contour
Contour and breakouts – coated Multiplex®
Breakouts and contour
Woodworking – Multiplex®

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