Sign Making

Some examples which demonstrate the usage of vhf CNC milling machines for sign making are shown.

You can produce large advertising signs, print & cut or shop and exhibition stand constructions quickly, rationally and nearly without size limits.

Manufacturing of letters – acrylic glass, Dibond® – foliendesign GmbH
Folded edges in Dibond®
Milling letters – acrylic glass, with foil on the backside – foliendesign GmbH
Precise contour milling with CCD camera system – Forex®
Cutting work – foam
Production of milling letters – wood
Cutting corrugated cardboard
Cutting passe-partouts with the universal head
Precisely cutting cardboard and paperboard
V cuts – Re-board®
Large-scale letters – aluminium – Theis-Werbung
Precise inlay work – aluminium, acrylic glass
Precise contour milling with CCD camera system – Forex®
Large-scale milling and chamfering – aluminium
Sign production – Dibond®

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