Aluminium Processing

Some examples which demonstrate the usage of vhf CNC milling machines for workpieces made of aluminium and other nonferrous metals.

Machining all kinds of non-ferrous metals, but also steel and stainless steel – no matter if you produce individual samples or start a serial production.

Pockets, slots and drillings
Contour, threads and chamfers
Contour, breakouts and chamfers
Breakouts – housing production
Milling, drilling, engraving and chamfering technical parts
Breakouts – sheet steel
Contour and breakouts – sheet steel
Milling and engraving of front panels including threads
Slot milling, chamfering and thread cutting
Milling and engraving front plates
Processing of steel plates
Manufacturing front plates and housings – QUEL GmbH
Blind hole with thread, slot and contour
Drillings, chamfers and contour
Threads and contour

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