CNC Milling Machines

  • for over 30 years Made in Germany, more than 1,000 machines/year

  • vhf develops and manufactures CNC milling machines, CNC controllers, control software and tools completely in Germany – everything fits together. Satisfied vhf customers buy each year over a thousand milling machines.

  • from S to XXL – we offer an exceptional variety of sizes

  • Diversity is our standard – whether 500 x 500 mm, 1,000 x 1,000 mm, 1,500 x 2,500 mm, 2,000 x 3,000 mm or another positioning range up to 3,000 x 8,000 mm. In case of restricted access conditions, just use our on-site assembly service.

  • modular construction – individually configured for you

  • vhf will construct your CNC milling machine of perfectly matching system modules, suitable for your individual application. However, requirements are subject to change – no problem, thanks to its easy upgradeability.

  • easy machine operation – you will quickly become productive

  • Regardless of whether you are experienced in milling or if this issue is new territory for you – with a vhf portal milling machine and vhf as your partner you will quickly start your production.

  • we are reliably with help and advice at your side

  • We will assist you – competently and comprehensively, before and after purchase. Our customers appreciate the professional and personal vhf support at no extra costs.

Whether small or big – all of them are stable and accurate. This video gives you a brief
overview of our machine series.

We are here to help you.

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  • Stable portal milling machines of high-tensile aluminium profiles

    hf has always been using high-tensile aluminium profiles for constructing their portal milling machines. As aluminium is well malleable in hot state, profile bars with internal structures that are optimised for different kinds of applications can be produced with very little tolerances. It is considerably more difficult to make such structures in other materials.

    The internal honeycomb structure of the extruded aluminium profiles ensures more rigidity and keeps their weight low. Especially the distortion and bending stability will be increased by the numerous bracings inside the profiles.

    Intelligent design for more stability
    An intelligent design means that the material will be used where it contributes most to stabilisation – as well in the internal structure of the profiles as in the machine construction itself.

    The bending experiments of a reinforced profile and a hollow profile with approximately the same weight prove this. Where more material leads just to little more stability, it can be omitted in order to save weight. So the construction combines a best possible relation between weight and rigidity which facilitates the highest possible dynamic of the moveable components.

    Easy financing

    We would be glad to work out an individual leasing or financial concept for you. Especially leasing has several advantages:

    • Your line of credit remains untouched – so a leasing contract does not have a negative effect on the future engagement of your bank.
    • Leasing rates are immediately fully tax-deductible and remain constant during the whole contract period.
    • In most cases, the rates can be financed directly from your earned proceeds.
    • When the contract period has ended, you can take over the CNC milling machine for a defined residual value.
  • Constricted access conditions?

    No problem – just use our on-site assembly service. Your machine will be delivered unassembled and will then be assembled at the installation site.

    As the machine profiles are screwed together, also a big vhf milling machine can be delivered with rather little extra effort in separate parts for assembling it at a place which is difficult to access. Thanks to the low total weight you normally do not have to bother about issues like maximum floor loading.

    2 years warranty

    A vhf CNC milling machine is made of high-quality system modules which harmonize well with each other. Prior to the delivery, it will be tested in an extensive trial run. The reliability of our machines has proven to be great, even under high load and in everyday-use. That's why all components of a new milling machine have a warranty period of two full years according to our terms of warranty.

    Delivery and installation service

    Having ordered a new milling machine, you profit from the vhf delivery and installation service:

    • free delivery, setup and commissioning in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
    • graded rates for all other countries
    • well-priced lump sums within the European Union

    Free support

    It is a self-evident part of the vhf philosophy to give you best support – also after the purchase. Thus our support staff would be glad to answer all of your questions via phone, fax or e-mail without further expenses for you. Together with our experts a solution will be quickly found.